Employees Code of Conduct


NRRDO has a Code of Conduct which a set of rules and guidelines that governs the behaviour of staff. It is a framework within which staff binds themselves in regards to their work and conduct.

The functions of the Code of Conduct are:

  • To provide a common understanding of NRRDO’s expectations of it’s staff in regards to ethical conduct.
  • Setting guidelines on expected behaviour
  • Re-enforcing standards of expected behaviour
  • Creating awareness on shared values and principles that govern attitude and behaviour.
  • To guide staff on how to handle conflicts of interest

The Code of Conduct is a set of rules and guidelines that governs the behaviour of staff of NRRDO. It is a framework within which we members of staff bind ourselves in regard to our work and conduct.

The Code of Conduct gives guidance on how we are expected to behave as NRRDO staff.


  • As staff working with NRRDO we will ensure that our conduct is consistent with and reflects the values of the organization


  • We will respect the dignity and worth of every individual, we will promote respect and tolerance. We will aim to build constructive and respectful working relations with our partners and the community. We will continuously seek to improve our performance; we will foster an environment that encourages learning and support positive change.


  • We will show respect for all persons equally without distinction whatsoever of race, gender, religion, ethnic group, language, marital status, age, socio-economic status, or disability. We will strive to remove all barriers to equality.


  • We will respect the culture and tradition of all the people and will strive to avoid behaving in ways that are offensive and not acceptable in a particular cultural context.


  •  We will respect the organization’s properties (Assets) and use it solely for work related activities and not convert it to personal use.


  • We will conduct NRRDO’s activities honestly, with integrity, and good judgement and in the best interest of the organization and the people of Nuba Mountains whom we are ultimately accountable to. We are committed to the creation of a working environment that promotes integrity and accountability.


  1. Upholding the integrity of NRRDO by ensuring that my personal and professional conduct is and is seen to be of the highest standard.
  2. Treat all human beings with respect and dignity.
  3. Contribute to building a harmonious workplace based on team spirit, mutual respect and understanding.
  4. Safeguard and make responsible use of the information and resources I have access to by virtue of my employment to NRRDO
  5. Refrain from any form of harassment inclusive sexual, discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, intimidation or favouritism in the workplace.
  6. Refrain from misuse of the organization’s property (assets) and conflict of interest.

Penalties & Enforcement

Any violation of the Code of Conduct shall constitute a misconduct for which the violator shall be liable for disciplinary action in accordance with the rules & regulations governing the staff of NRRDO. The disciplinary action taken may be in form of a verbal warning, reprimand, severe reprimand or termination of employment depending on the seriousness of the offence committed.


The Code of Conduct shall be reviewed as and when deemed necessary

I have read and understood the Code of Conduct and that NRRDO expects me to uphold it.



NRRDO interventions

  1. Emergency Humanitarian support ;  Save lives and protect Livelihoods and improve food security. Cash transfer, food distribution, NFI distribution, Protection and disaster risk reduction, seeds and tools provision, groups income generating schemes, blacksmith support, water supply, animal health service.  Currently 300,000 people are in dire need emergency humanitarian relief. In addition to food and Non-Food Item kits, continuing a massive, regionally-innovative cash distribution programme – which saw $2.5 million given to 12,000 households last year – will contribute to saving lives. Self-reliance must be built at the same time through measures to stabilise farming and household level food production
  2. Peace Building and Governance;  The Nuba People’s Conference collectively defined key political, socio-economic and cultural resolutions. Now, we will strengthen governance institutions and train leaders to make sure aspirations are met. Civic education will seek to tackle underlying causes of conflict  with in the Arabs and the Nuban.
  3. Primary health: Improved  access to basic health services.  In the context of severe drug and health personnel shortages and the bombing of hospitals, NRRDO is distributing emergency health kits to clinics. We need to rehabilitate 177 centres and build the capacity to respond to disease-outbreaks and soaring malnutrition.
  4. Education:  Improved access to quality primary and secondary education in Nuba. Beyond relief, education is the Nuba people’s number one priority. They will not accept another lost generation after the last war left 78% of the population illiterate. NRRDO run 179 primary schools for almost 40,000 pupils. But this still leaves a further 40,000 children out of school. We need to stabilize, then scale up, and bring a sense of normality to childhoods that are anything but
  5. Gender and Women development: Inclusion and active participation of women, girls, men and youth on issues affecting their lives in Nuba Mountains. Women bear the brunt of war through marginalization, increased care demands and inability to earn income. We will provide psycho-social support and business training, promote adult literacy and gender rights
  6. Voice of Community Radio: Improved  coverage, scope  and quality of radio programs on education , health and other social issues.

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