NRRDO Internal policies designed on the basis of international humanitarian standards

  1. Human Resources (HR) policy
  2. Logistics and admin Policy
  3. Financial and accounting policy
  4. Gender policy


The Human Resource Policy Manual is designed to inform all employees of NRRDO about the rules and regulations of the organization. The procedures are intended to standardize practices and act as a guideline to management in handling day to day Human Resources matters for the smooth running of the organization insofar as human resources matters are concerned.

PURPOSE OF Logistics and Admin Manual

The purpose of the Administration & Logistics Manual is to provide policies & procedures for guidance to NRRDO’s personnel in the areas of Administration & Logistics. The manual can also be used as an induction tool for new personnel.

The Manual contains policies, procedures, guidelines and standard operating procedures issued by NRRDO’s management. The policies and procedures contain in the manual are in line with what is commonly used by other organizations.

Purpose and Policies of Financial and Accounting Management

NRRDO accounting policies are designed to enhance accountability to both the Nuba community and the donors. They are guided by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to which NRRDO is bound in order to fulfill the statutory reporting obligations of the operating country.

As part of its financial accounting, the NRRDO accounts department is routinely involved in the collection, recording and analysis/evaluation of financial information. Such information is used in enabling the implementation of planned activities and as a control device both by the NRRDO management and the donors supporting the organization.

This manual defines basic systems and guidelines that will serve the purpose of producing the required reports and maintaining an acceptable level of accountability and transparency in the utilization of donor funds. The manual also serves as a tool for routine monitoring, evaluation and audit purposes. The management accounting is also used in the forecasting and guiding the future of the organization.

Gender policy

This document provides guidance for applying the strategic objectives on gender in fighting poverty. It also stands alone as the over-riding policy document on gender for all of NRRDO. The policy formulated seeks to ensure greater consistency of gender principles, policies and practices across the organisation and to provide an accountability framework in relation to gender, against which all staff can be accountable and against which NRRDO will audit itself.

NRRDO interventions

  1. Emergency Humanitarian support ;  Save lives and protect Livelihoods and improve food security. Cash transfer, food distribution, NFI distribution, Protection and disaster risk reduction, seeds and tools provision, groups income generating schemes, blacksmith support, water supply, animal health service.  Currently 300,000 people are in dire need emergency humanitarian relief. In addition to food and Non-Food Item kits, continuing a massive, regionally-innovative cash distribution programme – which saw $2.5 million given to 12,000 households last year – will contribute to saving lives. Self-reliance must be built at the same time through measures to stabilise farming and household level food production
  2. Peace Building and Governance;  The Nuba People’s Conference collectively defined key political, socio-economic and cultural resolutions. Now, we will strengthen governance institutions and train leaders to make sure aspirations are met. Civic education will seek to tackle underlying causes of conflict  with in the Arabs and the Nuban.
  3. Primary health: Improved  access to basic health services.  In the context of severe drug and health personnel shortages and the bombing of hospitals, NRRDO is distributing emergency health kits to clinics. We need to rehabilitate 177 centres and build the capacity to respond to disease-outbreaks and soaring malnutrition.
  4. Education:  Improved access to quality primary and secondary education in Nuba. Beyond relief, education is the Nuba people’s number one priority. They will not accept another lost generation after the last war left 78% of the population illiterate. NRRDO run 179 primary schools for almost 40,000 pupils. But this still leaves a further 40,000 children out of school. We need to stabilize, then scale up, and bring a sense of normality to childhoods that are anything but
  5. Gender and Women development: Inclusion and active participation of women, girls, men and youth on issues affecting their lives in Nuba Mountains. Women bear the brunt of war through marginalization, increased care demands and inability to earn income. We will provide psycho-social support and business training, promote adult literacy and gender rights
  6. Voice of Community Radio: Improved  coverage, scope  and quality of radio programs on education , health and other social issues.

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